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As the world's first online business network created specifically for Procurement and Supply Chain professionals, Procurious is proud to be a strategic knowledge partner for CIPS.

Procurious is committed to growing the procurement and supply chain profession through creating a connected community and sharing knowledge and content, on both procurement and social media.

With over 18,000 Procurement professionals from all around the world on the site, we're sure you'll get a lot out of Procurious.

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The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) is a globally recognised and respected body, helping individuals and organisations across a wide range of sectors achieve excellence in procurement and supply management.

Dedicated to promoting best practice, CIPS provides a wide range of services for the benefit of its community of 114,000 professionals. CIPS and Procurious are both dedicated to improving and supporting the procurement and supply chain profession through targeted networking, professional development and knowledge sharing.

Read more about the Procurious and CIPS Partnership here.

Getting Started as a CIPS Member

Once you've completed your profile, one the first things you'll want to do is to start connecting with other CIPS Members in the Procurious community. 

Happily, we have a couple of great ways you can do this:

Show Your Colours

Show off your professional membership and demonstrate your qualifications by adding a CIPS Badge to your profile.

Why? We want you to be proud of your achievement, promote the Institute and show your accreditation off to other Procurious members.

Plus it's a handy way of finding other CIPS members too!

Join the CIPS Group

Get all the latest official news, content and thought leadership direct from the Institute in this dedicated Group.

Live and work in Australasia or Africa? Then there are groups for you too.

Pick one (or all of them!) and get connected and communicating with your fellow professionals.

The increasing frequency of supply chain disruptions and the pressure to innovate means that today’s procurement professional needs to be connected to be successful. 

By preparing the profession to take a first-mover advantage on social media, CIPS and Procurious are working together to ensure procurement professionals are first with supply chain news, equipped with the right blend of skills, and connected to an advantaged, global professional network.  

Tania Seary

- Founder and Chair, Procurious

David Noble

- Global CEO, CIPS

Social media growth has been phenomenal over recent years and is having an increasing impact on the procurement and supply profession. 


Partnering with Procurious is enabling us to leverage the opportunities these platforms provide from both a networking aspect but also a knowledge and educational perspective for our members and the wider community.  

Getting it Right on Social Media

Once you have established your social media brand, it's important to be making the most of the tools.

One wrong post and you could start to lose followers faster than you can get them. To avoid this, check out our list of faux pas to avoid.

At Procurious, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with social media, knowing who the influencers are and who we should be following and how social media can be leveraged in procurement and supply chain to create key benefits. 

We want to share this knowledge and know-how with CIPS members and have created some great, shareable content to get you started on social media.

Social Media

Tools of the Trade

There is a huge choice of social media platforms, but which ones are right for you? 

Read the Procurious guide outlining the key attributes and benefits of each one to help you choose.

Your Social Media Brand

Your brand on social media is key to distinguishing yourself in an ever-busier procurement profession.

We've compiled a list of our top tips to help you create a positive brand online.

Big Ideas 2015 - Videos

Procurious Founder, Tania Seary, talks about her Big Idea for the future of procurement networking

The Big Ideas Summit 2015 – the world’s first digitally-led think-tank for procurement and supply chain professionals – was held in London in April…and amplified to more than 5000 members of Procurious across 100+ countries.

The event brought together 45 of the key influencers and decision makers from the worlds of procurement, social media and journalism and asked for their Big Ideas for the future of the procurement profession.

Sample some of the content below and click here for more.

You can access all the Big Ideas content on Procurious, including keynotes, panel discussions and one-on-one interviews with all the delegates.

CIPS CEO, David Noble, takes part in a fascinating panel discussion on creating procurement communities of practice.

Our members are from some of the largest organisations

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